Quality Certification


Implementing its Quality Policy, EKARPEN was granted AENOR’s quality management certification, based on the ISO 9001:2008 international standard, on March 31st, 2010.

AENOR thus certifies that EKARPEN’s integrated quality management system complies with the standard requirements, as documented in the corresponding manuals, processes and procedures.

AENOR’s certification recognises EKARPEN’s quality management system in:

“Management of financial resources; investment and divestment assessment, follow-up and control in business projects by way of minority shareholding and/or convertible loan stock of a temporary nature.”


Our quality policy includes the following specific commitments:

  • To establish work systematics that guarantee a quality service, aimed at satisfying the needs of the investee companies.
  • The principles of transparency and objectivity must prevail in the processes of analysis and monitoring of investments, strictly complying with the defined quality management system and always subject to the Company’s governing bodies.
  • To establish and maintain a Quality Management System, based on process management and focused on the needs of the Investee Companies, which allows us to advance in the continuous improvement of the quality of our processes and services.
  • To guarantee the commitment and responsibility of all EKARPEN’s personnel in relation to the quality of our work and our projects.
  • Improve the skills and competencies of our employees, facilitating learning and training.
  • Strictly comply with the legislation applicable to our activity, in force at all times.