Investment Policy

EKARPEN’s investments are made in private companies and, mostly, in companies whose main assets, activities, or head offices (or those of the group they belong to) are based in the Basque Country. The companies EKARPEN invests in should meet the following requirements:

  • Being part of leading business groups that act as “driving forces” in traditionally Basque territories or areas relevant to the Basque Country.
  • Developing highly innovative projects.
  • Being well-established companies with good growth prospects.
  • Needing funding to start or continue expanding, go international, begin innovation, set up joint ventures, or ensure family continuity, among others.
  • Having industrial partners and/or sound management teams with proven business experience.
  • Showing clear divestment prospects over a period of six to eight years.

EKARPEN’s investment strategies are oriented mainly toward consolidation or growth projects by comparatively large mature companies or groups. In addition, EKARPEN also invests in projects in earlier stages with a huge growth potential by highly innovative companies in well-established industries or firms operating in innovative strategic sectors.