Investment Stages

The investment projects managed by EKARPEN undergo a series of stages in which they are assessed to determine whether they are in line with the corporation’s investment strategy. These stages are:

Project Presentation

The project’s developers and EKARPEN hold meetings where they discuss whether the business project has the desired characteristics.

The information that should be available at this stage includes:

    • Description of investments to be made over the following years.
    • Strategic description of business project and thorough description of investment goals.
    • Financial prospects for future fiscal years: profit and loss account, liquid assets, and balance sheet.
    • Rationale behind financial prospects.
    • Market survey from reliable sources.
    • Curriculum del equipo directivo de la sociedad.
    • Description of present situation, stockholders’ record, and company’s own resources.
    • Audited financial information on past accounting periods.
    • Descripción de la operación propuesta: Volumen de inversión necesario, condiciones de entrada, período de permanencia y condiciones de